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An (Unofficial) Graduate Press Guide / «Guide d’orientation non officiel» to IHEID

We hope that this small guide will be of use for the IHEID community, for both incoming and ongoing students of the Graduate Institute, and that this page will become a living resource for years to come. Bienvenue à Genevè!

This past spring, we created a COVID-19 Updates and Resources page, in order to help students stay up-to-date with the ongoing changes at the Graduate Institute due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We hope that this “Unofficial Orientation Guide” might play a similar role, as a centralized location for new graduate students to learn about life in Geneva, Switzerland, and at the Graduate Institute. As you arrive (and/or participate virtually) from all corners of the globe, we hope that you will find these articles and resources useful, or perhaps give you insight into what life is like here. Some day we hope that you will contribute some of their own.

As an international graduate school, we know that the stakes for our students are different and diverse; their individual experiences, even more so. From learning French, exploring the Swiss Jura or French Alps, getting involved with student initiatives, to finding your next internship or research position, we hope that the Graduate Press will continue to host these conversations and critiques, and build bridges between our student population.

Between this Unofficial GradPress Guide and our (Dis)orientation Zine, we hope that there is a space for everyone here, and that both provide a starting point for your own time here. Our hope is that they will become living resources for years to come. 

Best of luck with your studies and beyond. Welcome to Geneva! Bienvenue à Genevè!

Au printemps dernier, nous avons créé une page d’ Information et Ressources COVID-19, afin de pouvoir aider les étudiants à rester au courant des changements en cours à l’Institut en raison de la pandémie COVID-19.

Nous espérons que ce «Guide d’orientation non officiel» pourra jouer un rôle pareil, en tant que plateforme centralisée permettant aux nouveaux étudiants d’apprendre davantage sur la vie à Genève, sur la vie en Suisse, et sur l’IHEID. Lorsque vous arrivez (et / ou participez virtuellement au cours) de tous les coins du globe, nous espérons que vous trouverez ces articles et ressources utiles, ou qu’ils peut-être vous donner un aperçu de la vie genevoise. Et un jour, nous espérons que vous pourriez apporterez vos propres contributions.

 En tant qu’école doctorale internationale, il est clair que les enjeux pour nos étudiants sont différents et divers, et leurs expériences individuelles, encore plus. Qu’il s’agisse d’apprendre le français, d’explorer le Jura suisse ou les Alpes françaises, de participer dans des initiatives étudiantes, de trouver votre prochain stage ou poste de recherche, nous espérons que The Graduate Press continuera à accueillir des conversations et critiques et à construire des ponts parmi notre population étudiante.

Entre ce guide non officiel de GradPress et notre revue de (Dés) orientation, nous espérons qu’il y aura un espace pour tout le monde ici, et que les deux publications fourniront un point de départ pour votre propre temps ici. Nous espérons qu’ils deviendront des ressources vivantes pour les années à venir. Bonne chance dans vos études et plein de succès au-delà. Bienvenue à Genève! Welcome to Geneva!

Last Updated: 18 September 2020, 10:00

The “Tip Jar” Series

The “Tip Jar” series, following in the same veins as a 2018 piece published under the same name, is meant to help (unofficially) orientate new students to Geneva and the Graduate Institute (IHEID). Produced in collaboration with the GISA Podcasting Initiative, also known as Geneva International, we hope this series will be of use for new students, and/or anyone looking to take advantage of life in the Suisse Romande

Part 1: Arriving to Geneva

The Graduate Press Articles

On The Graduate Institute:

On Geneva:

To learn more about Swiss issues or GISA and other student life-related reporting, check out our articles tagged under GISA or Geneva.

GISA Board and Committees/Initiatives

GISA Board

Welfare Committee:

  • Antenne H:
  • Solidarity Initiative: “Any members of the IHEID community who are able and willing to volunteer to help buy groceries, provide digital support and/or help out with any errands for some or all of the duration of a student’s quarantine are requested to fill the Quarantine Buddy Form.

Environmental Committee:

  • “Whether you’ve freshly arrived in Geneva or are already a seasoned Institute-goer, the EC’s got you covered for a practically ecological (short: pract-eco) start to the fall semester! Lovingly crafted by our president Zaninka Ntagungira with precious help from vice-president Anna Ploeg and EC member Kory Barras, this brand new guide contains everything you need to boost your sustainable lifestyle by the lake. From recycling tips to restaurant recommendations, we hope you’ll find something in it that’ll help you along your pract-eco journey!”: 

Attached Documents

*Our “Disorientation” Mag was released at our “Welcome Month” event. Check out our print version at PCT, or download the PDF here!

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