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The Martin Ennals Awards for Human Rights Defenders – Why It Matters

Although the Awards may not enjoy a popularity akin to the Nobel prize or the Oscars, [the Martin Ennals Awards] are no less important. On the contrary, the MEA’s importance cannot be appreciated enough, as they honor and highlight the stories of those who risk their lives to fight for basic human rights; to create a better life for themselves, families, communities and beyond.


More than 10,000 march in Geneva for Black Lives Matter Protest

This article reviews the impressive anti-racist demonstration happening on June 9th in Geneva, placing it within a broader history of racism and police brutality in Switzerland.

Cet article revient sur l’impressionnante manifestation antiraciste du 9 juin dernier à Genève, et tente d’explorer les questions plus larges que posent les problèmes de brutalité policière et de racisme en Suisse.