Student Life

The Perfect Day

By Claire Ransom

A light breeze stirs. The birds chirp. White, fluffy clouds dot the sky. 

All around, families and friends are gathered in small groups. Grandparents are strolling with their grandchildren and lovers embrace on park benches. 

Countless cyclists whizz by. Novice rollerbladers stumble forward, throwing out their arms to catch their falls.

Along the horizon, 140 meters of water shoot into the air. Yellow and red boats contrast perfectly against deep blue waters.

Somewhere not far out of reach lie a half-eaten baguette, an empty bottle of wine, and a bar of chocolate just waiting to be remembered. 

There’s a peal of laughter in the distance, momentarily shifting the symphonic hum of chatter around us. 

It’s been a slow day, full of sunlight and laughter. A dip in the lake with friends, a plunge in the crisp, crystal clear water, a refreshing jolt into the most present moment. 

There’s no stress, no deadlines, no obligations to attend to. 

To the left, some friends animatedly discuss the rules of a card game. To the right, others contentedly doze. 

Soon the group will stir. The bits of bread and cheese will start to wear off. The blanket will be packed up and books tucked away. Our hunger will lead us down the promenade.

Bains des Paquis. We will end our day the most Swiss way we know how. With cheese. 

We will be surrounded by dozens of languages and nationalities. We will break bread and toast our glasses. We will dip into the gloriously boiling pot and eat until the very last scrape. 

A light breeze stirs. I pause for a moment of gratitude for my new city and new family. It’s been the perfect day.

Title image by Claire Ransom

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