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COVID-19 updates and resources

As Switzerland begins its first day of lockdown, The Graduate Press team has collected a list of updates and resources for colleagues, students, and the general community who may not have access to Instagram or Facebook. This page is being actively updated. As such, comments are welcome with additional resources, suggestions and general commentary. Write below or send to

Last update: 18:45, 30 April 2020.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please follow the instructions given by the Canton of Geneva and the Swiss Federal authorities, including but not limited to self-quarantining in an isolated room for at least 10 days. For more detailed instructions and further information, please visit the Swiss federal and cantonal governments that have FAQs section on their websites. Moreover, for students, please contact, where you will get further instructions on whether to remain in self-quarantine or get in touch with a doctor or the hospital.

Latest Updates

The Graduate Press Articles

The Podcast Initiative Episodes

*Geneva Intl. is a podcasting team at the Graduate Institute that aims to introduce the skill of podcasting for our diverse and multicultural community.


The Welfare Committee and The Graduate Press have collaborated to provide a joint resource for translations of updates (link available here) from Conseil Fédéral (CH) and Conseil Général (GE) on Fridays. The two current committees in charge of the Coronavirus management on the federal level hold a press conference everyday, while the Federal Government holds a press conference once a week, on Fridays, usually at 15h.


FAQs and Other Relevant Resources

  • FAQ from GISA (released 3 April): GISA has put together a list of frequently asked questions and responses from authentic sources (including the sources put together by Gisa Welfare, The Graduate Press and IHEID Parent Initiative). These questions cater to academic as well as non-academic queries in the times of COVID.
  • FAQ from Student Support and Wellbeing (released 30 March): Student Support and Wellbeing at IHEID has released a document of key resources, information, and answers to questions related to their resources.
  • Food Delivery in Geneva: A list of restaurants and groups doing food delivery in Geneva was forwarded from staff at IHEID and GISA, downloaded and updated here.
  • Paniers de légumes en Suisse romande: Compiled doc of all the farms in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, many of which are doing delivery. For a list of farms and resources that are updated live, check out the RTS website.

The Graduate Institute

For academic queries linked to the coronavirus situation, please contact: For all other related questions, please contact:

The Institute requests that if you have COVID-19 symptoms: call your doctor, the Canton of Geneva hotline at 0800 909 400 (available seven days a week from 9:00 to 21:00) or the 144 emergency number.

GISA and Initiatives

For urgent requests related to student welfare and well-being, email:,, or

  • GISA Meetings: GISA will be conducting their weekly meetings virtually: “Trying our best to cope up with the new way of life, we, at GISA are going virtual with our weekly meets! If you are interested to participate or discuss in our meetings, you are always welcome to do so. All you need to do is send a request to our wonderful Admin Coordinator (Antonio) – and let him know about it maximum by 7 am on Tuesdays! He would then send you a link to our Google Hangout chat and we will have you on board.”
  • Student Needs Survey: GISA released a survey, asking students if they need assistance or products. “GISA and its initiatives would like you (all those who are in urgent need of the mentioned products) to fill out this survey and let us give you a helping hand. We request you take into account that the funds are limited; so you fill in the survey only if you don’t have the resources to fulfil your needs. The pick up location would be in the Picciotto Common Room, Cité Universitaire de Genève, or Foyer St. Justin.
  • Coronavirus Helping Thread: The Welfare Committee and Parents Initiative, in partnership with GISA, are looking for volunteers who are willing to help members of the IHEID community. If you 1) are willing to help or need help in any of the following ways (or if you have ideas of your own), or 2) are feeling isolated, alone, sick, or have additional burdens you need help with at this time, complete the IHEID solidarity form
  • Sanitary Project: “Our emergency tampons are going online!* In light of scant sanitary products at various stores, we are now making our stock available on request. Email us at
  • Hashtags: The Welfare Committee has launched a social media campaign on instagram in light of the outbreak, using the following hashtags: #COVID-19info, #StrongSocialDistance #StayStrongStayFun, #SignsOfLoveToday, and #myofflinewall. They ask you to join them in tagging them (@welfarecommittee_iheid) on instagram in stories and posts that they can repost.
  • #iheidsolidarity Sharing Economy: A google sheet has been made where people can list and share resources between the Graduate Institute community. Extra facemasks are also being collected for donation.
  • A website has been made for staff/faculty and students to have discussions and help each other. For the entry code, please email
  • Co-Working Cafe: A few MDev students created a ‘co-working’ cafe, where students are able to join group zoom calls, interspersed with group conversation. Sign up on the google form, linked above.
  • Initiatives: While all in-person meetings and conferences have been disbanded, a number of initiatives are having their meetings virtually. If any other committees are holding meetings virtually, please post here or email the press at
    • Environmental Committee: Holding meetings via Google Hangout, every Tuesday. More information on their Instagram. Posting recipes on their website.
    • Fair Internship Initiative: Holding meetings via Webex. More information on their Instagram. Currently collecting testimonies: “Many interns are facing uncertainty in these times and we’re here to listen, help and share. Did you hear about an #intern whose contract might not be honoured? Got your contracts suspended or their pay cut as a result of the UN’s closure? Send your testimony over! And worry not. If needed, anonymity is promised. Stay home, stay safe, and let us know if you need help. Fill out the form:” (28 March)
    • Global Health Initiative: More information on their Instagram.
    • QISA: Has a collection of queer-focused resources on their Instagram.
    • Critical Theory Reading Group: will continue to hold meetings through Google Hangouts. More information on their WhatsApp group.
    • Professional Development Committee: “PDC is is putting together a panel on “How to use the capstone to better your professional prospects “. The objective is to serve as a useful learning session for 1st year students who are soon to begin work on their capstone projects. If you’d like to be a part of this panel, kindly send us an email on Current 2nd year MIA/MDev students and alumni are welcome to express interest. Date and time of the session will be finalized based on panel members’ availability. Thanks!” (Posted 1/4)
    • Human Rights, Conflict and Peace Initiative: “The Human Rights, Conflict and Peace Initiative is hosting our first Netflix Party and we are showcasing the award winning documentary The White Helmets on 30/3!” (Posted 25/3)
    • Collaborate 4 Social Impact: “During this time of crisis, we at C4SI are really excited to invite you to this opportunity to come together and try to make a difference. On April 3-5, you are all welcome to participate in the #Versusvirus online hackathon in partnership with Impact Hub and the Swiss government to find solutions to the challenges we are all facing!” (Posted 31/3)

If any other committees are holding meetings virtually or would like to share further resources, please post here or email The Graduate Press at

Translation and Updates: An unofficial WhatsApp group was started by German and French-speaking MDEV students who have *unofficially* translated national press conferences into English for any interested. For further translations, join here:

Geneva- and Swiss-based Initiatives

  • Geneva Friends (FR): A Geneva-based buddy system and initiative to help people with household tasks. Forms and descriptions are in French. 
  • Serve the City Geneva (FR/EN): Geneva-based non-profit, taking volunteers to help make meals for the homeless in Geneva.
  • Alternative Deliveries Switzerland & Surroundings Facebook Group: Community that has posted reviews of vege packs, updates on delivery schedules, and other information about food delivery. Run by founder of
  • “This website is designed to keep an updated list of alternative deliveries in Switzerland and surroundings. By alternative it means small companies, independents and local producers, basically the businesses that might suffer with this chaos. Everyone is looking for alternatives since the outbreak of the Covid-19 and it is never late to create better habits on how we live & consume.”
  • Swiss Red Cross (FR/IT/OF): Has resources, links, courses for the Swiss community. Currently looking for volunteers to help the variety of its efforts across Switzerland (delivering groceries, meals, assisting at-risk populations, etc.) Fill out the volunteering form here.
  • Genève Solidaire (FR): This app, made in Geneva, connects connects helps and helpees in the Geneva area. French-speaking.
  • Geneve Benevolat (FR): A virtual volunteering platform that links volunteers and institutions, municipalities
  • Five Up App (FR/DE/IT/ENG): Collaborative effort of volunteer organisations across Switzerland, including the Red Cross Societies.
  • Heroes Against Loneliness: Calling bank to speak with people of all ages

Global Initiatives

  • Find where you can donate your masks or other personal protective equipment (PPE) in your local area. Primarily based in the US, but expanding to Europe and worldwide.
  • Coronavirus Resource Kit: Lists of collective resources, mutual aid projects, and educational realize. Primarily US-focused, but has resources that can be universally applied. 
  • Online Meeting Resources Toolkit for Professionals
  • World Health Organisation: The WTO has launched a series of WhatsApp health alert systems. Learn more about subscribing here.

Switzerland News Sources

The Graduate Institute

  • General Updates: The Graduate Institute has been officially releasing institutional updates on COVID-19 through their website, as well as posted updates and interviews with students on their Instagram page.
  • IHEID Global Health Center: The Global Health Center has created a repository on their website for coronavirus. 
  • Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action (CERAH): has created a list of scientific updates on the COVID19. They are based at Maison de la Paix.

Government Resources

  • (DE, FR, IT, RM, EN) – The Federal Council’s website releases information on the national situation in a variety of languages. This includes written versions of the press conference held on 16 March 2020, and others.
  • (DE, FR, IT, RM, EN) – The Federal Office of Public Health’s website releases information in a variety of languages, including the government’s recommendations. 
  • Canton of Geneva (FR, EN, ES, PT) – The Canton on Geneva website has ongoing updates and resources available on their website, including recommendations for vulnerable populations.
  • Hôpitaux Universitaires Genève (FR, EN) – The Geneva University Hospitals are the largest in the country, and have been releasing information about the virus on their website and instagram. Their website is available in English and French.

National News Outlets

  • RTS – Radio Télévision Suisse (FR): Immediate and rapid updates on both their website and on Instagram. Probably the fastest of the news sources in our opinion, their releases are done completely in French. 
  • SWI – (EN, DE, FR, IT, ES, PT, JA, AR, ZH, RU): While a bit slower than the Francophone news sources, Swissinfo is one of the go-to news sources for expats and alt-language-speaking foreigners in Switzerland. They also have Instagram accounts in a variety of languages (, @swissinfo.ch_en, @swissinfo.ch_fr, @swissinfo.ch_es, etc), which have succinct summaries of government updates.
  • Tribune de Genève (FR): Live updates during press conferences and government meetings in French, quick to update social media channels.
  • Léman Bleu (FR): Local news channel for Geneva. Has been broadcasting emergency information and press conferences live.
  • The Local (EN): News source used by expats and English-speakers. 
  • Le Matin (FR): Local news for Suisse romande region. Printed in Lausanne. 
  • Le Temps (FR): Swiss French-language newspaper, also printed in Lausanne.

Unofficial Sources

Activities and Free Resources

Events (Swiss and Worldwide)

  • 26-29 March: Festival #àlamaison with comedians, singers, musicians, and DJs from French-speaking Switzerland, by The Artistic Lab:
  • 3-5 April:
  • 5-6 April: Corona Festival
  • 6 April: Deadline for registration, for The Geneva Challenge
  • 6 April: Training Sessions by CAP! or Le Centre d’Accompagnement du Plaidoyer. “Bonjour à tou(te)s, obligée d’annuler mes formations « en chair et en os », je lance une formation en ligne sur le Plaidoyer ! Elle dure 5 semaines: 5 sessions d’échange sur Zoom et des exercices personnalisés et corrigés, pour les membres et bénévoles d’ONG qui souhaiteraient concevoir leur plan d’action et obtenir un changement politique / légal dans leur domaine (démocratie, environnement, droits humains, justice sociale, changement climatique, etc.!). N’hésitez pas à me contacter si cela vous intéresse et à faire passer dans vos réseaux ! Merci”
  • 9 April: IHEID Career Services and the Professional Development Committee are coordinating a live Q&A session this week. During the one hour session, we’ll be able to field your questions regarding working and interning during COVID-19. We understand that finding work can be stressful on its own without a worldwide pandemic. April 9th, 2-3PM. Follow their instagram for the link to join.
  • 9 April: The Environmental Committee and Water Initiative are streaming “Chasing Coral”, an award-winning documentary about a team of divers, scientists, and photographers documenting the disappearance of coral reefs. For more information, visit their facebook event.
  • 15-16 April: COVIDCon is a free virtual conference about the current pandemic and its relationship to state censorship, disinformation, surveillance, and civil liberties. This two-day event will feature presentations and panels about the current pandemic and its relationship to state censorship, disinformation, surveillance, and civil liberties. COVIDCon sessions will showcase the difference in the responses of authoritarian regimes and democratic governments to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.
  • 18 April: LANI would like to share this event with you!  If you are tired of staying home and you have listened to the same playlist more than once.  LANI’s got you covered! We’re going to boost your mood with some fresh Latin vibes 🕺🏽💃🏽. On Saturday night we’re bringing an amazing live concert to the comfort of your home with the one and only Matheus Fonseca who has an incredible voice!
  • 18 April: On April 18, the international fight against COVID-19 will be honored as countries stand shoulder to shoulder for One World: Together At Home — an international broadcast with Global Citizen and the World Health Organization (WHO) to drive action to tackle COVID-19. Join for inspiring and heartwarming stories from the frontlines of the COVID-19 response, and appearances curated in collaboration with Lady Gaga — featuring the likes of Sir Elton John, Billie Eilish, Sir Paul McCartney, Lizzo, Stevie Wonder, and many more. One World: Together At Home will bring together some of the world’s biggest artists, global health experts, frontline workers, and world leaders for a historic multi-hour, cross-platform digital livestream and broadcast event. Streamed here:
  • 22 April: We want to celebrate virtually by watching Oscar-nominated documentary Virunga, a true story about park rangers and Africa’s endangered gorillas. To join the screening, please fill out this google form so we know who is interested, download the Netflix party extension (you must use Google Chrome) and at approximately 20:15 on Wednesday the 22nd we will send you the watch party invite. The movie will start at 20:30.


  • Geneva Discovery: This food blog and city guide is keeping a running list on their Instagram of all the food shops in Geneva that are doing delivery. It’s a great resource, and sometimes includes numbers for your takeout pleasure
  • IHEID Yoga: A former yoga teacher at IHEID has resumed her classes in an online format. More information has been posted on the Facebook group, and those who are interested are encouraged to sign up on doodle.
  • IHEID Zumba: The Welfare Committee is running online-Zumba classes. More information available on their Instagram.
  • Free Watercolor Workshop: A watercolor workshop will be held online starting on 25 March. More information on the linked Facebook event.
  • Culinary Geneva: Has been holding cooking lessons, collecting recipes, and streaming marathons for students. More information in the Facebook group.
  • Psychologists: Psychologists at The Graduate Institute will be holding their meetings on Skype until further notice. Appointments can be made through the following link on
  • Claudia Seymour: Member of the IHEID community. A vinyasa yoga teacher currently offering a 10 minute a day yoga and mindfulness sequence- a 15-day long Warrior Training to coincide with our confinement here in France. If any of the students are interested, they are most welcome to join in.
  • French Lessons: A Geneva-based French teacher is offered packaged online lessons.
  • Live Music: Bongo Joe Records/Le Zoo+Usine/La Gravière, teamed up with local radio station WAV33 to make RÉSILIENCES SONORES, live streamed on their facebook page. 
  • Live Music Motel Campo started MOTEL RADIO, which will stream live music everyday on their Facebook page.
  • COVID HEROES: A volunteer initiative for home assistance, deliveries, etc. Sign-ups on their instagram.
  • Swiss Language Academy: The Swiss Language academy is offering online and discounted French lessons for the wider Genevan community. 



A number of cultural institutions have put resources online for access.







  • Data-Detox Kit: A collection of resources and guidelines for increasing individual privacy.
  • Freedom: App that blocks websites and apps across devices. Has ongoing sale during the month of April.
  • Self-Control: App for block websites.
  • Data is Beautiful Info Pack: The DIS team released free graphics and visuals to be distributed in whichever way needed. Page and graphics are constantly updated.

Other Wellness

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