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Created in May 2018 as a student initiative, The Graduate Press evolved into the student-run publication of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies based in Geneva, Switzerland. Independent from the Institute, it aims to serve as a bilingual platform for the Graduate Institute community voices. Covering student life and interests, international politics, academic affairs, and opinion pieces, the Graduate Press accepts submissions in both English and French from the entire student body. 

If you would like to submit your piece, visit the ‘Contact and Submissions‘ section.

The views and opinions expressed by externally submitted articles do not necessarily reflect the position of the members of The Graduate Press.

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The Graduate Press Editorial Boards

Fall 2022

  • Co-Editor-in-Chief/Project Manager: Abby Sickles
  • Co-Editor-in-Chief/French and Suisse Editor: Amédée Hirt
  • External Communications Manager: Mariam Kerfai
  • Co-Student Life Editor: Sine Schei
  • Co-Student Life Editor: Ellie Winslow
  • Creative Director/Photographer: Valeria Biben
  • Print Editor: Anoushka Raval
  • News & Reporting Editor: Sam Pennifold

Spring 2022

  • Co-Editor-in-Chief/Project Manager : Megha Kaveri Puthucode Sreeram
  • Co-Editor-in-Chief/Student Life Editor : Anna Liz Thomas
  • Managing Editor/Creative Director : Nicolás Gallardo Tascon
  • French and Suisse Editor: Margherita Dacquino
  • External Communications Manager: Abigail Sickles
  • Print Editor: Mariam Kerfai
  • News & Reporting Editor: Amédée Hirt

Fall 2021

  • Co-Editor-in-Chief/Project Manager : Silvia Ecclesia
  • Co-Editor-in-Chief/External Communications : Dario De Quarti
  • Managing Editor/Creative Director : Mallika Goel
  • French and Suisse Editor: Margherita Dacquino
  • Student Life Editor: Megha Kaveri Puthucode Sreeram
  • Print Editor: Nicolás Gallardo Tascon
  • News & Reporting Editor: Anna Liz Thomas

Spring 2021

  • Co-Editor-in-Chief/French and Suisse Editor: Laura Carolina Silva Aya
  • Co-Editor-in-Chief/Student Life Editor: Neva Newcombe
  • Senior Editor/News & Reporting Editor: Samuel Pablo Pareira
  • Project Manager: Silvia Ecclesia
  • Creative Manager: Lisa Caberlotto
  • External Communications Manager: Dario De Quarti
  • Print Editor: Mallika Goel

Fall 2020

  • Co-Editor-in-Chief/Managing Director: Anne Lee Steele
  • Co-Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director: Isabela Joia
  • External Communications Manager: Tapakshi Magan
  • Student Life Editor: Neva Newcombe
  • French/Suisse Editor: Laura Carolina Silva Aya
  • News/Reporting Editor: Samuel Pablo Pareira
  • Creative/Features Editor: Safa Rahim

Spring 2020

  • Co-Editor-in-Chief/Managing Director: Anne Lee Steele
  • Co-Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director: Isabela Joia
  • External Communications Manager: Harvey Parafina
  • Managing Editors: Riya Sarin, Amrita Bhatia, Adriana Stimoli

Autumn 2019

  • Editor-in-Chief: Riya Sarin
  • Treasurer: Amrita Bhatia
  • Managing Editor, Head of Communications: Harvey Parafina
  • Head of Commentary/Opinion: Rainer Mensing
  • Head of Reporting: Anand Menon
  • Head of Lifestyle/Creative Features: John Phasawit

Spring 2019

  • Editor-in-Chief: Riya Sarin, Yasmine Hung
  • Treasurer: Amrita Bhatia
  • Communications: Manasvi Sathish
  • Other team members: Anand Menon, Derya Senol, Francis Shin, Laure Deriaz, Harvey Parafina