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Course Catalogue / Catalogue des cours

*For those interested in decolonial and postcolonial conversations. Pour celles et ceux qui s'intéressent aux questions décoloniales et postcoloniales.

Collected by / Compilées par Murchana Roychoudhury and / et Chae Yeon Kim

Decolonisation / Décolonisation:

The political, social, economic, cultural, linguistic, epistemic, structural, and relational undoing of colonialism and its legacy.

Le processus politique, social, économique, culturel, linguistique, épistémologique, structurel, et relationnel du démantèlement du colonialisme et de son héritage.

Postcolonialism / Postcolonialisme:

A critical theory operating from the assumption that the present world cannot be understood without relating to histories of colonialism and its vast impact.

Une théorie critique qui part du principe que le monde d’aujourd’hui ne peut être compris sans prendre en compte l’impact immense du colonialisme.

This is a crowdsourced list of courses which are known to have touched upon topics of decolonization and postcolonialism. While we do not vouch for the quality of the courses and the extent to which they engage with these topics, we are merely attempting to create a resource for new and old students that would like to expose themselves to decolonisation and postcolonialism within the Institute. As students of international and development studies at a school with a global student body, we feel that there is a need for deeper engagement with these topics. 

Some of us who have already spent a few semesters at the Institute may be painfully aware of the lack of courses designed to decolonise academia more widely. But in the short term, this is a small attempt to help you filter through the original course catalogue, so that you are well-equipped for the upcoming course registrations. 

We invite you to critically examine, question, and challenge what is taught within the courses you will take over the next year. We invite you to question not only what is taught, but who is teaching it and why, who has written your readings, and your own role and privileges. 

Decolonisation is more than a period in history – it is a struggle that continues, even within the spaces we currently occupy in the ivory tower of academia. We present this course catalogue as a starting point, recognising that this humble list of courses is simply the tip of the iceberg. We encourage you to take our preliminary work and continue it as activists inside and outside the classroom.

P.S: Do comment if you wish to add anything to this list.

Course list for Autumn 2020:

Course list for Spring 2021:

The complete course catalogues for disciplinary programs and interdisciplinary programs are available on the IHEID website.

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