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Preparations for online courses underway in face of COVID-19

Director Philippe Burrin has announced in an email that while activities remain at Phase 1, the Institute is already preparing for a possible transition into Phase 2 in light of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. This primarily concerns organising and setting up online courses as an available option for students who wish to take the courses from home within the next two weeks.

Director of Studies Andrea Bianchi has also announced in an email that they have asked all the professors “to be flexible with regard to assignments, participation, attendance and fieldwork,” as they prepare to deliver all academic activities online. 

Other precautionary measures have also been taken such as the collection of email addresses of attendees of events, as part of the measures to trace the origin and transmission of a case. In the meantime, all classes and public events will continue as usual until further notice.

A week ago, the Direction of the Institute has put together a Coordination Team to implement the action plan that comes in three phases. In Phase 1, Institute activities will be pursued while implementing strict adherence to official recommendations to minimise viral transmission. Phase 2 involves limiting certain activities such as courses and events, as well as non-essential travel. Phase 3 oversees the partial or complete closure of the Institute depending on the circumstances that arise. 

Both Burrin and Bianchi assure the IHEID community that the Coordination Team is on top of the situation, placing student health and success at the forefront of all decision making. For updates and guidelines regarding the situation, check out the Institute website. For academic queries linked to the coronavirus situation, please contact For all other related questions, please use

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