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Spring 2020: Revolutions

A Letter from the Editors

Dear readers,

The Graduate Press released its first print edition in Spring 2019, with the hope to be the platform for expressions of the IHEID community. With our second edition, we hope to sustain the present and engaging press culture we have tried to cultivate throughout the Fall 2019 semester. This semester was perhaps the most active for us, reporting on important events, as well as publishing numerous commentary articles and intriguing lifestyle pieces. We wish to sustain the progress we have made over the past semester, and hope that our readers will contribute and engage with the Press in the coming semesters as well. 

Drawing inspiration from events occurring across the globe, we decided to produce a themed edition. Over the last year, there have been numerous protest campaigns across the world. With demonstrations taking place in Hong Kong, India, Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, Algeria, Serbia, Spain, France, Britain, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, the global climate strikes, and numerous others, popular upheaval has become increasingly common. While protests and revolutions are not a novel phenomenon, these have travelled from the streets of cities and towns to academic classrooms and to coffee-table and tea-time conversations across the globe. We wanted to ask what revolutions are and what they mean for the community. We were eager to learn about what these conversations comprised of and if, like for many of us, these created waves of introspection within us.

We thank everyone who has contributed to the production of this edition, whether by being a part of the team or by submitting external articles. We hope that the community continues to grow and that there remains a space for the expression of all kinds of opinions within the IHEID community.

The Graduate Press, 2019-2020

14 comments on “Spring 2020: Revolutions

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