Creative Writing

Cadavre Exquis

By Mathilde Pasta, Mallika Goel, Margherita Dacquino, Gaya Raddadi, Silvia Ecclesia and Amédée Hirt 

A girl was picking up flowers with her grandma in the garden. Birds chirping, flowers blossoming, the sun shining on her cheeks – and then, the world stopped. The USA had a launched a nuclear bomb! People were screaming, flowers were perishing, grandmas just died. The little girl survived thanks to a super powerful unicorn who had shielded her. Magic was there! The unicorn carried her away to the USA, where she saw the White House being guarded by another unicorn, only this one was under the spell of the American President! The little girl knew deep down that her mother, the Grand Witch of the High North, had prepared her for this instant since she came to life. Together with her little friend MiewMiew the unicorn, they will save the world. 

Seven students were gathered in the room and he was looking from the outside. He was always looking from the outside. His solitude always shocked his family. “Why are you always staring at people? Just go speak to them!” his mother would shout. “It’s not so simple” he would retort, with equal parts anger and sadness. He couldn’t even blame her for her callousness, it’s not like she knew what happened. He felt so small in this room full of other kids and felt so different from them. The bird that caught his eye outside looked so much happier and, above all, free. Soon joined by other fellow sparrows the bird was enjoying his freedom, singing and flying in the wind. Looking at these free birds, the kid had a revelation: his dream job was bird

She bounced on the jellyfish and floated away. The journey was really tiresome for her, so she decided to search for a shelter where she could rest a few hours. While looking around, she suddenly faced the entrance of a dark cave that, despite its gloominess, was still attractive for her tired soul. When she entered the dark cave, instead of the cozy shelter she was hoping for, she found a massive golden gate guarded by two jellyfish like creatures floating in the air. And then, from the gate, her brother emerged – taken by the sea five years ago. This is where she comes every day, for the past five years, to be reunited with her brother for a few moments. 

I like when dogs eat chocolate cookies. Even though they’re really bad for them. They just look so cute with crumbs on their whiskers! That’s actually how I started Mila’s (my sweet sweet dalmatian) Instagram account, with a photo of her cute face covered in cookies’ crumbs. Her two and a half millions of followers catched the eyes of interesting brands that soon came with partnership proposals. Today, Mila is still a sweet sweet dalmatian but her Instagram followers made her a multi-millionaire influencer, doing shoots for renowned brands like Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana and Louis Vuitton. 

These short stories are the product of a writing exercise called “cadavre exquis” some of our writers did during our first “Creative Writing Workshop”. Each person wrote an incipit on a piece of paper which was then passed around the group who had to add a sentence to the story and then pass it again until the end. This technique was invented by the surrealists and it is a fun way to show the different ways in which minds can think and the creativity that sharing ideas can spark. 

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash.

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