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Baking with Aditi: An Interview

By Kaavya Hari

Aditi Dhir is a first year Master in Development Studies (MDev) student and baking enthusiast. In this interview, she discusses her passion for baking and her future plans. There are details on how to get hold of her cakes at the end of the page.

What motivated you to start baking? Who is your mentor?

I watched my mom baking ever since I was three years old. My sister and I have been helping our mom ever since we were young, from taking orders to marketing the products. I started to fully immerse myself into baking during  the summer of 2018, when I was at home recovering from a broken leg. I also started specializing in product photography, in order to help my mom with her business.

baking 6

What is your favorite cake and why?

My favorite cake is tiramisu because I absolutely love the taste of coffee. Every time I make a tiramisu cake, it becomes richer in the taste of coffee.

Is this your alternate career plan? Do you plan to mix baking with development?

There are days when I think I should do this full time, but I would really love to work in the field of development. If I do combine baking with development, I want to go beyond the conventional areas such as baking sales or baking as therapy. It would be nice to think about something very meaningful.

What is your business model? Do you plan to scale up?

My business model is very simple. I do marketing through my Instagram handle. I think it makes it more organic and less stressful. I have also explored apps which connect home chefs in Geneva, but I haven’t pursued it much. Since I’ve had less time due to the course work, I’ve been doing this part time. I plan to scale up much more during the summer, if I’m available.

What about baking classes?

Again, I’ll be organizing them over the summer if I’m free. I already organized the ‘vegan baking workshop’ during the Sustainability Week. I felt that people really enjoyed it, so I’m excited have more such sessions.

Any tips for aspiring bakers at the Institute?

Keep exploring and keep trying new recipes. Feel free to ask me any doubts and call me for food tasting sessions.

Last question, cooking or dancing?

I think cooking while dancing is ideal.

See more of Aditi’s baking on her Instagram account.

This article was released in the first print publication of the Graduate Press. Download the Spring 2019 print edition here.

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