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Spring 2019: Volume 1

Letters from the Editors

Dear readers,

At the time of its printing, it would have already been a year ago that The Graduate Press had been reborn from the ashes of past publications. The press has had a long, perilous existence in the Institute, but through the efforts of our members over the past few semesters, we stand here today with a small contribution that will hopefully go on for the years to come.

An active student press is important to any educational institution — whether to voice concerns regarding the administration, or to give students the platform to express their thoughts and opinions. The history of the Institute has seen a rocky path for student publications, with none being able to sustain themselves for long. This remains to be a challenge even now, especially in an institution where we often find a lack of space to gather collectively and share ideas. This can perhaps even find its way to other aspects of our student life, resulting in a lack of expression and engagement (collective, or otherwise) among ourselves. 

The main motivation behind this print edition therefore, is to create a stronger and more present press culture, well as to leave behind a tangible archive to serve as inspiration for future students. We, the editors of this edition, hope that this can serve as a platform for you to share ideas and critically engage with the rest of the IHEID community. We encourage you to participate in building this culture, by reading the articles and hopefully contributing as well. 

The Graduate Press 2018-2019

15 comments on “Spring 2019: Volume 1

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