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Spring 2023 GISA Election Results

Graduate Institute students elected five new members to the GISA Board over the weekend. Read more here.

By Ellie Winslow

Over the weekend, Graduate Institute students elected five new members to the GISA Board. On Saturday afternoon, outgoing GISA President, Angie Bittar, announced the election results to the Institute community with a full breakdown of voting demographics. The new members of the GISA Board will take their seats on May 15th until May 2024. The new GISA Board members are as follows:

Sam Pennifold, GISA President

Alexandre Najib El Meouchi, VP of Masters

Sameeksha Matta, Treasurer

Vrishalee Jadhav, Events Coordinator

Grusha Victor, President of the Professional Development Committee (PDC)

378 votes were cast for the election of GISA President. Sam Pennifold, MINT first-year, was elected with 65.6% of the vote over Puru Rohilla, MINT first-year. Alex El Meouchi, MINT first-year, was elected VP of Masters with 66.3% of the vote over Sanjna Yechareddy, ANSO first-year. Sameeksha Matta, MINT first-year, was elected Treasurer with 40.8% of the vote over Vlad Alfirov (28.9%) and Sourou Aristide Djossou (28.1%). Vrishalee Jadvhav, MINT first-year, ran unopposed for the role of Events Coordinator and she received 94.7% of the vote. Lastly, Grusha Victor, MINT first-year, was elected PDC President with 61% of the vote. The full breakdown of the election results can be found here. Lastly, the platforms on which they ran can be viewed here.

These new board members will join current VP of PhD Programmes Emanuele Zavanella, Communications Director Anne-Lise Hadzopoulus, Administrative Director Puru Rohilla, President of the Welfare Committee Carmen Mané, and President of the Environmental Committee Camille Darbo. 

In addition to the announcement of the GISA Election Results, Bittar announced the winner of the 2023 Student Leadership Award, Carmen Mané. Mané is a second year student in International Law. She is the President of the Welfare Committee, President of the Salsa Initiative, and an active member of the LANI Initiative. The Graduate Press extends our congratulations to Carmen and thanks her for her collaboration with us throughout her time at the Institute. 

Looking ahead to the start of the fall semester, the positions of VP of PhD Programmes, Communications Director, Administrative Director, President of the Welfare Committee, and President of the Environmental Committee will be on the Fall 2023 GISA Election Ballot. Thank you very much for following our coverage of the Spring 2023 candidates both on and on Instagram.

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