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Fall 2022: The Solidarity Issue

Dearest Reader,

Thank you for picking up this copy of The Graduate Press’s Print Edition 2022-23, welcome!

We are so excited about this issue on Solidarity. It’s an important one we feel and demands attention and action. The theme is one that TGP has often engaged with, and is a topic pertinent to everyone: individually, in our communities here in Geneva and beyond, and globally.

The theme is an open one, it extends from the solidarity one can feel between friends, along community ties, and for issues and causes beyond our own environments.

Expressing and feeling a sense of solidarity is to care, it means to leave the comfort zone of ignorance and try to understand, to educate oneself, and to make a choice to not ignore what is happening for the benefit of one’s own ease.

Our hope is that this Print Edition is a space that can explore the theme of solidarity in many facets and expressions, both in how the theme manifests itself in our lives, but also in the different mediums, songs, photos, and essays.

So, dear reader, let’s set the pace, as you turn the page you will find a playlist that you can perhaps listen to while you explore the stories, images, and thoughts here!

To our contributors, thank you for your work and effort, for engaging and being part of this edition, but for also sharing what solidarity is to you, and for sparking the potential ideas, actions and change that your work will ignite on the theme and beyond.

In solidarity and happy reading,

The Graduate Press

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