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Spring 2022: The Time Issue

Dear Reader,

How have you been? Have you taken a moment to yourself today? A moment to reflect or simply breathe? We invite you to take such a moment to read until the end of this letter and, if time permits, the end of this print issue.

It feels like we never have enough “time.” We spend it, lose it, find it, waste it, save it… There is never enough to go around. There aren’t enough hours in the day and a plethora of deadlines. And time waits for no one.

Time seemed like an interesting theme to build on previous issues. A lot has happened in the past week(s), month(s), and year(s). We have each grown, met new people, discovered new things, and, perhaps, learned more about ourselves along the way.

For this issue, we invited students to express their interpretations of time through art, poetry, photography, and prose. We thank our wonderful student contributors once again for their submissions.

Without further ado, we are very happy to present the Spring 2022 Print Issue.


The Graduate Press, Spring 2022

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