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The Panoramic, Remarkable and Astonishing Night of Knowledge: Call for Collaboration with The Graduate Press

“When in doubt, go to the library”. Following Hermione Granger’s words, The Graduate Press is currently in the process of setting up an end of semester soiree located at the IHEID Library. Under the project name of the Panoramic, Remarkable and Astonishing Night of Knowledge, the soiree is proposed keeping in mind that the graduating batch of master’s students and first year students have spent more than two years living through the COVID-19 pandemic, and are therefore in need of seriously being able to cut loose and rave.

As it currently stands, the proposal is to locate the soiree at the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Library. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the prohibitive cleaning fees at the Grand Morillon residence would deplete most Initiative’s budgets, and the limited space at the Picciotto Common Room limits the number of participants while damaging the sleep schedule of Picciotto residents. Regarding these issues, the library offers a vast dance floor in a soundproof environment. Secondly, there is a pressing need for community-building spaces at the Institute, and in the absence of that, the library, with two floors of space for the community will simply have to do.

While we have attempted to reach out to the IHEID Library’s Semestrial Soiree Planning Committee, the only individual who has been willing to entertain us thus far is Ms. April Fueles, who said it would be theoretically possible to temporarily transfer the books in the library to the underground vault at Maison de la Paix. This is the first time we hear about this underground vault, which could also be its very own rave venue.

In order to offer to the student body the best time of their semester, The Graduate Press is requesting inputs and collaborations from the GISA Board, IHEID Initiatives, and every member of our community interested in helping us in the process. Help us bring the dream of a night in the temple of knowledge to reality. Imagine a party with a Cocktail in one hand and Michel Foucault’s finest work in the other. If you want this to happen, provide your input here

It also goes without saying, but writers for TGP will have their drinks on the house, and we therefore encourage all persons interested to start writing for TGP, if they have not done so already.

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