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Fall 2021: The Bravery Issue

The Graduate Press is proud to present our Fall 2021 Bravery Print Issue!

Dear Readers,

Bravery sounded like a good theme for a Print Edition after this weird interruption of life that we were facing because of covid. Again. We had already been through fear, homesickness, boredom, and hope. What was left after all? Well, endurance, which is a sort of bravery, so why not call it theme for the semester’s print edition and give it a shot?

It is never not amazing how words are almost liquid, protean, their shapes twirling and swirling, their real meaning out of our grasp. It really makes you think how communication is an underrated everyday miracle; how communication is a beautiful improbability. The word “bravery” was let loose, and people gave in their interpretations in all forms of beautiful art. For this edition, we compiled wonderful poems both in English and in French, speaking about the courage it takes to love, to lose, to be one’s truest self. We were given pieces on the bravery of building communities, of sustaining them, and sometimes of leaving them behind. Bravery was wordless, too; it was pictures where colors and lines expressed the hidden memories of courage. Bravery, people told us, was kindness, integrity, vulnerability, and love.

‘Two flames’ illustration by Mariam Kerfai

For us, it has been a privilege to assemble these pieces in print form. We are happy and humbled by the trust the student body has deposited on us by sharing their thoughts and the craft of their hands. The display of emotion in each form of art, the raw feelings, the naked expression, are a thing of beauty. Beauty to behold, and to enjoy. Without further ado, The Graduate Press presents to you the Fall Print Edition on the theme of bravery. We hope you enjoy it.

The Graduate Press, Fall 2021

Download the Bravery Issue here!

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