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GISA Fall 2021 Election Results

By The Graduate Press Editorial Team

The final results for each open position on the GISA Board are detailed below:

Vice-President of PhD Programs / Vice-président·e des programmes de doctorat
Camilla Della Giovampaola – 37 votes
(Write-in) – 7 votes.

GISA Administrative Director/Directeur/Directrice administratif·ve
Anesu Gamanya – 155 votes
Kevin F Jura – 131 votes
José Daniel Reyes Silva – 94 votes
Cäcilia Sophie Riederer – 55 votes
Abstain – 24
(Write-in) -1

GISA Communication Director/Directeur/Directrice de communications
Madison Paige Coakley – 302 votes
Chinmay Gundlur – 120 votes
Abstain – 36 votes
(Write-in) – 2

GISA Welfare Committee President/ Président·e du comité de bien-être
Mariana De Jesus Mendez Melendez – 138 votes
Areen De – 135 votes
Samantha Su Yen Khoo – 98 votes
Oshin Belove – 51 votes
Abstain – 36 votes
(Write-in) – 2

Congratulations to all the new GISA members!

The new members of the GISA Board will start their mandate on October 17, 2021. The GISA General Assembly will take place on October 20, 2021 at 18.15 in the Picciotto Common Room and on WebEx, register here.

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