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Spring 2021: The Home Issue

The Graduate Press is proud to present our Spring 2021 Print Edition!

Dear Readers,

By the time we had started ideating this print issue, we seemed to be inching towards “normalcy”, and we had grown complacent in the hope that the past year was but a blip, a temporary anomaly in our otherwise predictable lives. However, in the course of the coming months, this illusion was shattered as the world around us seemed to change too quickly for us to keep up with it. Amidst a sea of chaos, we came to weather the storm by relying on the few things which we knew we could depend upon to evoke within us feelings of comfort and belongingness. In other words, things which feel like home, often taken for granted, but actually essential to even get us through the day.

As students, we were struck by the love-hate relationship we had formed with our own homes. While some of us felt stuck in our home countries, some yearned to go back but couldn’t. Some found home in the unlikeliest of places. We seemed to simultaneously want to get out and interact with people socially, while becoming increasingly habituated to attending Zoom calls in our pyjamas. The diversity of ways in which people think of and experience home is reflected in the submissions we received. They are all beautifully nuanced and deeply personal reflections. Say what you will about the absurdity of the times we live in, it certainly makes for great content.

In this issue, we are also proud to present the Graduate Institute’s first student sourced playlist, the “Home Playlist” on Spotify, a multilingual collection of songs that remind students of home. We would like to thank Chiara Moslow, a fellow student for presenting to us this idea, and we hope for more such collaboration with the student community in the future.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who contributed in the production of this issue, including the writers, the editors, and the illustrators, without whose hard work this would not have been possible. Our main purpose in publishing this issue has been to foster a sense of community. We hope that you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed bringing it to fruition. For best results, we recommend curling up with a hot drink, with the smell of rain filling the room.

The Graduate Press
Spring, 2021

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