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GISA Spring 2021 Election Results

By The Graduate Press Editorial Team

The final results for each election are detailed below.


Aishwarya Tendolkar 235
Manuel Alejandro Leon Marcano 166
Abstain 53
(Write-ins) 7


Lorena Villavicencio 234
Abstain 62
(Write-ins) 3


Aayushi Rawat 205
TheHung Vu 175
Abstain 75
(Write-ins) 6


Bushra Asghar 180
Arveen Sodhi 163
Nicolle Renion 62
Abstain 52
(Write-ins) 4


Fall 2020 Editorial Board for The Graduate Press 86
Diandra Denise Dillon ( President, Black Conversations) 86

Birsu Karaarslan (President, Feminist Collective) 51
Abstain 47
Karen Chica Gomez (President, Latin American Network Initiative) 42
Manuel Alejandro Leon Marcano (Class Representative,  MDEV) 38
Monideepa Mukherjee (President, Welfare Committee) 31
Gaya Raddadi (Co-founder of United Initiatives) 27
Alexa Tatiana Sydor-Czartorysky (President, QISA, 2020-2021) 27
Shubhangi Priya (President, Professional Development Committee) 18
(Write-ins) 8

The new members of the GISA Board will begin their mandate on May 1, 2021.

The Spring 2021 Graduate Press Editorial Board would like to congratulate the new members of the GISA Board, Diandra Dillon for her critical work with Black Conversations, and the members of the Fall 2020 Editorial Board for their efforts to support free speech on campus.

The General Assembly will take place next Tuesday, 27/04 on Zoom at 18h15. You can find the agenda for the General Assembly here, and any prepositions for additional topics can be forwarded to the Graduate Institute Student Association.

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