Postcards from ███

Postcards from Annecy

By Tapakshi Magan

Annecy is perfect for a short break from the gloom that clouds Geneva once the winter sets in. While some would say that taking a trip to Annecy when I did could be a rather futile exercise, I cannot disagree more. I took the trip in November 2019 and was lucky enough to find a bright day that allowed me to move around at my free-will. Filled with cute museums and breathtaking sights, Annecy felt like a breath of fresh air. Sitting on a park bench next to the lake and journaling your thoughts hits differently when you are in Annecy. As do the cheap prices for some stress- relieving retail therapy or the macarons you can get from a bakery next to the station. You can be just as comfortable touring the town on your own as you will be doing it with a bunch of friends. Giving Annecy a chance to let its versatility amaze me has been one of the best travel decisions I made.

Tapakshi Magan is a Master’s student at the Graduate Institute of Geneva and the current External Communications Manager of the Graduate Press, you can find her at @tmagan4.

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